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F. W. Murnau's Restored NOSFERATU wants to possess cinemas with this Trailer!

Hey folks, Harry here..  NOSFERATU...  a film that still 91 years later has the capacity to haunt and occupy the the mind with it's stunning poetic horror.  In many ways, my favorite adaptation of DRACULA, even if it was unofficial - but there's something otherworldly about the film.   About Max Shreck's Orlok - 1922 - and I've yet to see another vampire that curdles my blood the way Orlok does.  I can't see the makeup, I see something that cameras should never have been able to capture again.  Something truly supernatural feeling.   The way his shadow moves...  freakish... not right...  disturbing.   I've seen NOSFERATU many times in theaters - canned music, live orchestras and some really groovy musicians.   But now, I'm told I've never seen the movie as it was meant to be seen.   Well that's gonna change, I'll tell ya!  Now I know right now people are a bit down on the United States - and I can see that.   This restored NOSFERATU will be seen in the U.S. upon its Blu Ray release from KINO, meanwhile the UK has it in theaters beginning October 21st!  You British readers...  don't fail to sink your movie loving fangs into NOSFERATU when its released there.   It deserves a release in this country as well.  Especially leading into this Blu release.  It would only sell more copies - and it is the right thing to do!  Really hope KINO allows indie theaters to run this!  

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