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KICKSTARTER update on where you may see AIN'T IT COOL with Harry Knowles

Hey folks, Harry here...

Things have been crazy behind the scenes here...  So what's going on with the TV opportunity with AIN'T IT COOL with HARRY KNOWLES?  Well, we've approached KLRU, Austin PBS about potentially airing AICwHK as a TV series and they're on board!!!  But in order to do that, we still need to reach our Kickstarter goals!   

Now, airing through KLRU doesn't mean that folks internationally won't be able to have access to our show - as we will have the ability to still operate our own YouTube channel and share with everyone.   In addition, it looks like we have another potential partner that will help in the promotion of the show, as well as carrying it.  But I can't talk about that till Tuesday.   As for KLRU, it's one of the most successful and progressive PBS stations in the country - producing AUSTIN CITY LIMITS, but also a whole lot more.  If we're lucky enough to work with them, hopefully other PBS stations could pick up and carry the show.   Since this is Public Television, your donations to the cause are all the more important.  This further goes to prove that my dirty mouth will be clean as a whistle - as FCC is not to be trifled with!   Which again, further emphasizes our desire to create a fun Film show for all audiences!  One that isn't going to jabber about scandal, but intsead to focus upon the passionate love of cinema, be it the past, current or future.   Foreign & Domestic.   

Also - here's a couple of videos from some of the folks behind the scenes on AICwHK - 

First, my director:


and my Step Son?

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