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First Trailer for Film Adaptation of James Franco's PALO ALTO is Here!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

As James Franco continues his foray into reviving the Renassance Man, Vulture dropped the first trailer for the adaptation of his book of short stories, PALO ALTO. From the footage here, it looks like the short story format translates well into an ensemble drama of interconnecting story lines. Franco stars as a soccer coach, opposite Emma Roberts, playing a student that he seems to be taking an interest in. It looks like Roberts's character might also be involved with another student, played by Jack Kilmer (son of Val Kilmer, who also makes an appearance in the film).

The film also costars Nat Wolf, Keegan Allen, Zoe Levin, Don Novello and Talia Shire. Gia Coppola wrote the screenplay and directed the film. PALO ALTO is set to premiere this weekend at the Telluride Film Festival.

The trailer is a little hard to piece together, but it looks to contain a healthy dose of troubled teens, angst, rebellion along with some coming of age.

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