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After This Teaser, Will MUPPETS MOST WANTED Be An Accurate Statement??




I wasn’t a huge fan of 2011’s resurrection of THE MUPPETS.  

Part of me was giddy to see some of my most favorite characters of all time back on the screen once more.  Another part of me couldn’t shake the sense that the film makers (and even Muppet performers at times) missed the mark - that the heart and soul which so vividly characterizes the Muppets was often either misdirected, misinterpreted, or at times just plain missing. 

Nonetheless, that picture performed reasonably well...enough to bring forth another go-round.  This one was announced as THE MUPPETS...AGAIN! - but I’m gathering that title was scrapped because it was too easily perceived as a negative exclamation (i.e. “The Muppets?  AGAIN?”)  

Does this new project look to correct any of the missteps made by its predecessor?  To be completely fair, we can’t be certain until we see the final product.  But I will say that I didn’t smile once during this promo.  And THAT...tells me this isn’t feeling terribly Muppety.  It also looks terribly straight to video.  And, I'll say that midway through this relatively short teaser, the thought ‘God I hope Disney does better when handling STAR WARS’ popped into my mind...

MUPPETS MOST WANTED arrives in theaters next March(ish) I believe.




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