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“Philosophile” writes:

Hey Herc,

So I just got back to my hotel room from the last day of the Con. I went to the Supernatural, Breaking Bad, and Dr. Who panels. I wasn't really paying attention to the supernatural panel, and Moffett made the entire room swear that we wouldn't divulge the contents of the video in the Dr. Who panel. So I'm going to keep my promise to Moffett.

But no such promise was asked of us from Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan. They showed us the opening sequence to presumably the first of the last five episodes of Breaking Bad. Here's what I remember:

Opening Shot: Skateboard rolling around. People doing tricks. You can't really see the people, its mostly focused on the skateboard. Its like a go pro cam was attached to the board. But you get some shots that start giving you more of the picture. You can tell that they're skating in a pool. And then you can tell that its more than one person, maybe two or three. Then you see the ramp that they built to skate into the empty pool. Then you see the entire backyard. It looks ignored and unkept. Practically abandoned. The audience should pretty quickly recognize the backyard to be Walter White's backyard.

Walter's car drives up to the front of his house. The house is fenced off with chain link fence, and looks like an abandoned or maybe even condemned house now. Walter is driving the brown car we saw him driving in the first episode of the season... the one with the guns in the trunk. He opens the trunk, reveals the guns, and fishes out a crowbar. Walter has a head of hair, and a very bush beard. He pushes apart the fencing, and walks into his house.

The house is empty. Again, it looks like an abandoned house. Everything is dirty and damaged. Walter sees figures skateboarding in his empty pool through the back door. Its either covered in plastic or really dirty so the skateboarders can't really see him. The camera pans back on him and you see that there is something written on the wall behind him in yellow spray paint. The camera cuts back a little further, and you see its "Heisenberg."

Walter goes to a different room ignoring the skateboarders. He puts down the crowbar, and starts working at the screw to an electrical socket cover. He pops it off and takes the container of ricin hidden behind it. Cut to him putting away the crowbar and closing the trunk of his car. Walter turns around and see's his neighbor frozen in the middle of her unpacking her car of groceries. She's staring at him frozen... Maybe in fear, maybe surprise. Walter matches her gaze. She drops her groceries, and fruit rolls into the street. Roll opening credits.

AMC launches the final eight episodes of “Breaking Bad” Aug. 11.

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