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Vince Vaughn's Spunk Spawns Hilarity And Heart In Trailer For DELIVERY MAN!


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Hot off one of the summer's biggest box office bombs in THE INTERNSHIP (and an even bigger disaster in last year's THE WATCH), Vince Vaughn desperately needs to reconnect with mainstream audiences. What better way to do that than to star in DELIVERY MAN, a heartwarming tale about an aimless fortysomething who learns the sperm he donated twenty years ago inexplicably fathered 533 children? When 142 of these now-grown children file a lawsuit to disclose his identity, the insolvent Vaughn has no choice but to utilize his Green Beret training and eliminate his ungrateful progeny one by one. See for yourself in this just-released trailer!


DELIVERY MAN is written and directed by Ken Scott, who also wrote and directed the French-Canadian film STARBUCK on which this is based.


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