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Don Has A Problem!!
Sunday Brings The
Year’s Final MAD MEN!!

I am – Hercules!!

I’m kind of hoping “Mad Men” makes a giant leap into its future next season just so we can find out if Sally winds up with Glen.

Some are predicting a death tonight. But do “Mad Men” finales polish people off?  I don't think so, but perhaps I'm forgetting something.

But will we learn tonight why there are cops eyeballing Dick Whitman in the season-six poster?


Last week.

* Megan asked Don to pull back on the throttle.

* The boys in Detroit went all Cheney on Ken Cosgrove.

* Sally was forbidden to speak, then enjoyed a cocktail and a smoke.

* Don & Ted & Peggy & Megan saw “Rosemary’s Baby” together.

* Joan played a soup-bearing Jew.

* Holy Alliterative Aliases! Pete surrendered to Bob Benson, the new Don Draper!

* Ted Chaough fled after Don talked to him about Peggy.


AMC says of tonight’s “In Care Of”:

Don has a problem. Written By: Carly Wray and Matthew Weiner. Directed By: Matthew Weiner.

10 p.m. Sunday. AMC.


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