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The Side Effects To Watching The New SIDE EFFECTS Trailer Are Rather Interesting!!

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Just a week away from release, Open Road Films has gone ahead and dropped another trailer for Steven Soderbergh's latest (and perhaps last theatrical) film SIDE EFFECTS, and, having seen the film already, it's really interesting how they've been trying to sell this movie to the public, because all these trailers are incredibly misleading for what the movie is about... but then again, they're not. Everything you see, more or less, takes place as it's shown within the movie, but context is key here. So what you've got is a bit of a story arc that makes up a portion of the film, but it's hardly what the entire film is about or what it focuses on. This is one of those cases of making sure asses are in the seats by showing audiences the type of movie the studio wants them to see... but once they've plunked their money down and found their spot in the theatre, what they're in store for is so much better. 

I don't want to get too much into it, because SIDE EFFECTS is filled with twists and turns that are better off being discovered on your own... but just know that what you see here is not exactly what you get. It's definitely a part of it... but it goes a lot deeper than what's on the surface here.

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