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WORLD WAR Z Super Bowl Spot has a gloomy epic vibe...

Hey folks, Harry here...   I don't know what to make of WORLD WAR Z.  I haven't read the book or listened to what I understand is an excellent audio book.  But it's my understanding by the fans of the material, that what we're seeing in these trailers are very different from what the book is.   I do know that from the material we see, WORLD WAR Z is going to be a very aggressive HOT ZONE style movie.   There's a gloomy doominess to this SUPER BOWL Spot that basically shows us the same stuff we've seen in the trailers - but cut in a manner that leaves one thinking...  They're fucked.  I mean not only are these fast running zombies, but they seem to also have hive mentality - thus the warrior ant style zombie tower.   This is genuinely scary imagery.   I'll be curious to see the film finally, they've been working really hard on this one. 

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