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The Iron Man Falleth In This New IRON MAN 3 Poster!

Nordling here.

I'm not going to post the teaser to the Super Bowl trailer because we'll all see it soon enough, and I find these teasers to trailers a bit annoying.  It's all ramping up to the movie this summer, and I'm already plenty excited without having that 10 second tease.  But... they also released a new poster today, and it's freaking terrific.  I think if the tone of this poster is accurate, Marvel's going seriously dark with this third installment.  And not DARK KNIGHT dark, but Marvel dark - which means that while things are getting serious for Mr. Stark, they aren't dour, either.  Word that I'm hearing around the campfire is that IRON MAN 3 is going to be something very special indeed - everything we've seen Tony do before now is mere preparation.  Here's that frigging awesome poster:

ironman 3 falling poster

You're going to want to click to embiggen that.  I want that fucker framed.

Nordling, out...

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