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Is A Fourth MARIACHI Movie On Robert Rodriguez's Agenda??

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Robert Rodriguez has been a busy guy as of late. He may have wrapped on MACHETE KILLS, but he's still in post-production to get it ready for its September release date... and then, on top of that, he's got the start-and-stop production of SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR going... and that doesn't even begin to take into account his plans to produce a live-action remake of FIRE AND ICE and developing an animated film based on the HEAVY METAL magazines. So where would Rodriguez find the time to potentially do a fourth MARICHI film that's considering pairing up with Antonio Banderas for?

Talking to MTV News out at Sundance, Rodriguez didn't exactly elaborate on how he'd fit another film in this series, the last being in 2003, into his schedule... only that he'd decided it's going to happen at some point. 

"We forgot about how much fun we've had together," Rodriguez said. "We decided we have to do something. We want to do another EL MARIACHI movie at some point. We always said we would, but [we'd shoot it] much later when he's older and rounder... We have to figure something else out, because he's in better shape now than he ever was." 

If that means getting something even half as good as the bar shootout scene from DESPERADO, I'm all for it.

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