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Samuel L. Jackson Won't Stop Talking About Coming Back For The Other Three STAR WARS Episodes!!

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I'm not going to fault Samuel L. Jackson entirely for answering all of these questions about reprising his role as Mace Windu in the coming EPISODES VII , VIII and IX in the STAR WARS saga - although we did see him shut down that dude that wanted to ask about the language in DJANGO UNCHAINED when he refused to say the  actual "N-word," so we know he's capable of not talking about anything he doesn't want to talk about. And that's why he'll keep talking about STAR WARS. Why wouldn't he hope that maybe, in a galaxy far, far away, there's still a chance for him to come back in some regards. After all, it's work AND it's STAR WARS. Who wouldn't want those two to mix?

In a recent interview with The Northern Star, Jackson once again expressed excitement over the possibility of remaining in the STAR WARS Universe, but also being involved in some form in whatever direction the new trilogy takes. "Yeah, I'd love to be a part of that. I think it'd help people come back to the franchise, to have some familiar characters before they start introducing all the new ones." But he doesn't seem to think a Jedi ghost/spirit is the way to bring Mace Windu back... not when he can still be alive. "I don't know why I'd have to be a ghost. I'm a Jedi! I fell out of a window and they took my hand off. I could show up as a one-handed Jedi - alive!"

Sorry, Sam... but I just don't see it. Besides, if Disney is aiming to bring back old fans of the franchise for the three new films of the core saga, reminding them of any part of the prequels is NOT the way to go. But, even beyond that, let's move to a simpler point... Samuel L. Jackson was terrible in those films. I'm usually a Sam Jackson guy... but the prequels showed one of the chinks in the man's armor as an actor - working against green screen and CGI. Some people can act against the tennis ball with no set in the background, and some can't. Jackson rests in the latter. So, Sam, just let STAR WARS go. I'm sure it was awesome for you as a fan to be a part of the prequels, even if they were the prequels, but that ship has sailed. There's plenty of other good work for you to be doing... DJANGO UNCHAINED continued to prove that. 

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