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Robert Rodriguez Gives Some Details On Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Role In SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR!!

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SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR has been an interesting piece of filmmaking, with tidbits leaking out in pieces and waves as to who's in it, what they'll be doing, etc. There's a reason for that, which Rodriguez talked about recently with MTV News, "...we’ve been just sort of piecemealing, shooting bits and pieces as actors become available. So all three stories still have a little bit of footage to be shot in them.” I've been hearing that's how the production has been progressing, with more than a few roles yet to be cast, even as they're in the middle of production, because Rodriguez is waiting to see if some of their desired choices can make the time to shoot a role or if he'll then have to look into other options. 

One option that is set in stone is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who'll be playing one of the new characters in the SIN CITY follow-up. It's been a bit quiet on the JGL front though as far as who the character is that he'll be playing. Please allow Mr. Rodriguez to shed some light on that situation.

"He plays a gambler, a very cocky gambler who comes in and tries to beat the biggest villian in Sin City at his own game. The story is called 'The Long Bad Night.' He beats the wrong guy in the game. Bad stuff happens to him. Bad stuff."

Sounds like JGL will be getting a fitting welcome into how things work in Sin City. And from what I've been told, this is one pretty bad-ass story arc to watch unfold. 

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