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Thunder Buddies Reunite!! TED 2 Is In The Works!!

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If you were a fan of Seth MacFarlane's raunch with a heart comedy TED last year, then this is right up your alley if you were hoping to see more of Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and a bong-smoking, foul-mouthed living teddy bear. Mark Wahlberg confirmed to Anderson Cooper during a taping of his daytime talk show that TED 2 is a go. The deal has been signed and MacFarlane is hard at work on the script for the sequel. 

Wahlberg will be heading into production on TRANSFORMERS 4 first though, giving MacFarlane some time to get the script for TED 2 ready while also shooting A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST. So it may be a little bit before things start to ramp up on the TED follow-up, but, once those two projects are out of the way, I expect it to be full steam ahead on getting this one into production rather quickly. 

At least you'll get Wahlberg and Ted together for the Oscars though...

-Billy Donnelly

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