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There's a remake on the horizon... of a Robert Zemeckis film... but look at those snappers!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Zemeckis is over in London where he spoke briefly with Getty Image's Entertainment team - and they were asking him about sequels, prequels and remakes of his career...  basically a big fishing expedition question, but one that fans of Zemeckis' work would be passionate about, one way or the other.   Zemeckis says that they're all bullshit except for possibly ROMANCING THE STONE, which Zemeckis claims to know of "plans" for...  but then he clarifies that he isn't sure that it is being made or how far along it is...   BUT...   let's discuss the notion.

We don't know who is doing this or who would be cast or even if the premise would stay in South America.   I love ROMANCING THE STONE - I feel the casting throughout was perfect, I have mad love for Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas in this - and at the time, I wanted it to be a THIN MAN length series.   I wanted them to be making the further adventures of these two on a yearly basis.   

If you were to take the premise of a romance author being shipped a map to treasure to exchange for her sister's life, only to run into an adventurer scoundrel...   Who would you want in the leads?  Who to direct?   Let's dream and nightmare on this one...

Now this isn't particularly new news.  In digging, back around 5 years ago FOX hired Daniel McDermott (EAGLE EYE)  The script was allegedly handed in last year...  but I haven't heard a peep about it.  Only attached producer at this state is Emma Watts, who was a production exec on I, ROBOT, AVATAR and TOOTH FAIRY.   And upon the yet unmade BATTLE ANGEL.   I've no idea what that may mean, other than the use of CG being likely to inhance the story somehow.   Or not at all.   I'm gonna continue to dig on this as I'm now really curious to find out what's going on on this...  Afer all, Zemeckis doesn't know...  Hmmmm....

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