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Talk of a Gremlins remake/reboot/whatever is going around again...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Vulture has a story that claims they're hearing Warner Bros is trying to get Spielberg's approval to remake/reboot Gremlins and that if they are able to make a deal with him that we'll be seeing a new version of Gremlins in the coming years.

Are you there, Steven? It's me, Quint. If Vulture's story is close to being right and you're what's standing between Warner Bros and a crazy remake of Gremlins, will you be the guy all of us fans want you to be and either stonewall it or take a very active role in producing the movie and make it a sequel/reboot with Joe Dante at the helm?

Listen, I talk a lot on this site about how awesome practical effects are, but I'm not blind to how much better CG has gotten over the years. Call me old fashioned, but the thought of a CG Gremlins movie irks me so much I start seeing red. The character of the Gremlins (and the mogwai) is akin to the character of the Muppets. They live and breathe because of the puppetry involved. There's so much CG could do to enhance a Gremlins movie by removing rods, cables and even the puppeteers themselves, but you know if WB gets to do the remake/reboot they're going full CG.

For years Joe Dante has been trying to get a Gremlins 3 off the ground, but the wall he kept hitting at WB was that goddamn CG wall. He claims (and rightly so) that using puppets is still cheaper than going CG crazy.

So, Steve... bubby... No one will fault you if you decide to approve this as long as you bring Joe back and fully stand behind his puppet-filled vision. He can make a new movie that is all about restarting the franchise while not ignoring the previous films. I'd be down for that. Hell, he might even be able to steal Phoebe Cates back from Kevin Kline for a bit. But Steven, you're going to catch a whole lotta hell if you take the money and run on this one. Just fair warning.

Don't make Gizmo sad. Please.




-Eric Vespe
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