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The Kidd Has The Winners Off To See THE LAST STAND In Miami Tomorrow Night!!

The Kidd here...

Miami, here you go... I've got the list of winners set up with tickets to see the return of Schwarzenegger tomorrow night at the Paragon Grove 13 in Coconut Grove. I caught the film last week, and I truly believe you're going to have a great deal of fun with this solid action flick. 

Remember... this is not an Ain't It Cool News exclusive event, and has been overbooked to make sure there's a full house, so get there early not only to get a good seat but to make sure you get inside the theatre for the movie period. 

If your name is on the following list, keep an eye on your email as ticket pick-up instructions are going out right away. If you haven't gotten one by Tuesday night, shoot me an email immediately and I'll get the necessary info out to you ASAP. 

  • Pedro Alvarez (+1)
  • Dennis Barranco (+1)
  • David Constantino (+1)
  • Stephanie Ann Diaz (+1)
  • Ammy Fajardo (+1)
  • Tatiana Fajardo (+1)
  • Alex Francisco (+1)
  • Ricardo Garcia (+1)
  • Kassi Gorecki (+1)
  • Letty Gorecki (+1)
  • Luis Ortiz (+1)
  • Jesus Romero (+1)
  • Jaime Santamaria (+1)

That's it. That's the list.

Congrats to those of you who made it, and thanks to Lionsgate once again. 

-Billy Donnelly

"The Infamous Billy The Kidd"

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