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Warners Looking To Bring Us A Space ODYSSEY!! Not The 2001 Kind...That Other ODYSSEY...In Space!!


James DiLapo is scripting a fresh interpretation of THE ODYSSEY by Homer.  

Terry Dougas of 1821 Pictures hatched the idea of setting the tale in space and he and cohort Paris Kasidokostas Latsis brought the idea to the studio.
 The studio now sees it as a potential franchise

 ...says THIS piece at Deadline, which also reveals that Brad Pitt was at one point attached to this project, but has sense departed.  

Well, if Zack Snyder isn't doing a STAR WARS movie after all...and there's this for the taking, at Warners no less....Hmmmmmmm.  Not saying I know anything.  Juts conjecture.  




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