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Look into the eyes of the dragon! A Making Of EXCALIBUR Documentary Needs Our Help!!




We're just now finding out about this, which is hardly optimal given the project's rapidly approaching fundraising deadline.  Nonetheless, let's see what we can do...

John Boorman's EXCALIBUR.  Stunning beauty.  Ghastly violence.  Bob Peak's incomparable promo art...


...Nicol Williamson - perhaps the best Merlin, ever?  And the armored violation of Igrayne by Cornwall pretty much defined what fetishistic nookie could (and should?) be for a generation of Geeks.  

Well, looks like a project is now underway which will chronicle the making of Boorman's iconic Arthurian interpretation...and they're looking to round out financing via a fan-sourced campaign.  


You can learn more about how to contribute HERE - but time seems to be of the essence as they have less than a day to meet their goal. Even if we don't push their budget over the top, maybe...just maybe...we can still manage to make a difference.

The style and approach of EXCALIBUR impacted me greatly back in the day - and there's been surprisingly little attention heaped upon the actual making of the movie over the years...which is an injustice. If I recall correctly, EXCALIBUR was very much impacted by Boorman's association with a LORD OF THE RINGS live action film project 'round the same time. There's a "What if...?" to think about...



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