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John McClane is putting the R back into DIE HARD!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Today has been an extraordinary day for me.  Juggling last minute details on the tremendous screening of THE LAST STAND with Arnold Schwarzenegger & Johnny Knoxville coming in...  but also...  all day I've been trading calls with Fox because Bruce Willis apparently wanted to talk to me about the fact that the MPAA had just hit A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD with an R - and how they've all decided that was for the best.   The violence in A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD should be an R-rating.   I know we're still a bit reeling from the last one, but I have to say - I'm looking forward to seeing John McClane working alongside his covert agent son in Russia.   Expect a series of TV spots that will note the rating to begin airing tomorrow - and hopefully we'll get links to those!  

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