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Halle Berry Dials Up The Thrills In The Trailer For THE CALL!!

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With CARRIE being slid back to an October release date, it was THE CALL (formerly THE HIVE) which got the nod to be moved up to fill that newly vacant March 15 slot. Halle Berry as a 911 operator forced to face some past demons in order to save a kidnapped girl calling upon her for help in her desperate time of need...? This could easily go one of two ways, and, from the looks of the new trailer just released, THE CALL may be primed to be a solid thriller in our near future. 

I will say that the trailer does seem to go on for about 10 seconds too long, as getting Halle Berry out into the field should have probably been saved for the theatre (that's Hollywood marketing for you), but otherwise, there's a strong sense of tension building here in stopping Michael Eklund from carrying out his dirty deed again, with Abigail Breslin the potential victim this time. Consider me intrigued.

-Billy Donnelly

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