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Josh Brolin And Christopher Meloni Take Up Residence In SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR!!

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With SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR all set to come back from its holiday hiatus, expect a rash of casting news to come our way what with business picking up. It started late last night with Joseph Gordon-Levitt coming on-board in what I hear is an "awesome" role, and, with fans getting excited about his involvement, why take your foot off the gas with a couple more cool additions to the sequel. 

Today we get word that Josh Brolin has signed on to play Dwight, the role originated by Clive Owen in the first film. Chronologically, the "A Dame To Kill For" story comes before "The Big Fat Kill" arc of SIN CITY, which will explain how Dwight's appearance could change so drastically. That also leaves the door open for Owen to still make an appearance towards the end of A DAME TO KILL FOR, in order to tie the films together. This time, Dwight is hunted by the only woman he's ever loved and watches his life turn to shit through the course of the tale. The role of Ava remains uncast, although Angelina Jolie's name topped Robert Rodriguez's wishlist for some time. Whether or not she'll come available to make it work is still up in the air. Rachel Weisz's name has also floating around the part as a potential second option. 

Merloni, on the other hand, is set to play a cop, via Deadline, which in Sin City means he's most likely one shady dude. (Is there anyone who lives in that world that isn't dirty in some aspect of their life?) I haven't heard which storyline he'll be a part of thus far, but you've got to hand it to Rodriguez and Frank Miller. They've once again put together quite the cast to bring this seedy place to life. 

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