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Guillermo Del Toro would like to introduce you to the short film MAMA, which inspired him to produce the feature!

Hey folks, Harry here...  When Universal approached me to see if I would like to play MAMA at Butt-Numb-A-Thon, I instantly said I'd need to see it first.  That was before I knew it was Guillermo Del Toro's production.   I'd heard the title before, but it didn't stick.  Then I saw the film and fell madly in love with it.   Until just a bit ago, I hadn't seen the original short film which hooked Guillermo up with MAMA's director Andy Muschietti.   I'm the kind of Horror fan that as I watch a horror film, I try to imagine being the characters and living through the story.   In MAMA, the character I mainly associate with is Jessica Chastain's.  I love her character.   She's a part of a rock band, doesn't really wants children...  In a relationship with this wonderfully handsome artist that is obsessed with finding his missing nieces.  And he finds them.   And they are haunted.   And scary shit is in abundance.   I love good scary films.  The MAMA short is a good scary little short, but realize the dynamics between the kids and MAMA are a bit different in the final film - and there's a lot more to the finished film, which plays like a modern Grimm's Fairy Tale with a bittersweet heart.   I'll write up a full review closer to release.   For now, here's Guillermo:


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