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Updated with additional Jaegers & notes from Harry! Leaked Memos!! Jaeger Blueprints!! Emergency Alert Systems!! Kaiju Attacks!! Sounds Like A Full-Blown PACIFIC RIM Viral Day!!

Hey folks, Harry here...   The Kidd beat me by 3 seconds earlier today with this story.   I hadn't seen that Blueprint online, so I let his story stay - but throughout the day - we've had additional JAEGER blue-prints released - and there's something you need to know about that Viral footage.

It is VIRAL footage.   If you look at the longer video, you'll see that it is dated to next year...  This film doesn't take place next year.   But 50 years beyond that.  This viral, is part of the "HISTORY" for the storyline in the film.   The style of the film is in no way related to CLOVERFIELD, these will be images seen on screens or as memories in the actual film, not the action.   I would also shelf any thoughts that this will resemble the trailer in ANY way.  I'm betting that before THE HOBBIT, they'll show some of the Jaeger on Kaiju action - as the film is spectacle filled and I doubt seriously they're going to HIDE what will get them full blown geek erections around the globe.  

Here's the Russian Jaeger that protects Mother Russia:  CHERNO ALPHA Jaeger


Here's Japan's Jaeger: COYOTE TANGO


Here's STRIKER EUREKA another US Jaeger:

I've seen all these Jaegers in color & as beautiful macquettes - along with the Kaiju.   As this stuff hits - you folks... you're gonna freak, this is next gen geek entertainment.  Could open up an entire world of new cinema.  CAN NOT WAIT!

Harry - Now here's what Billy wrote - not really knowing anything beyond what he's seen below.   Again, that's ORIGIN of the initial scenario that creates the WORLD that the movie takes place in.   



The Kidd here...

Things have been awfully quiet on the PACIFIC RIM front following what I heard was a pretty incredible presentation at this year's San Diego Comic-Con... that is, until today, when Warner Bros. unleashed a ton of new viral material for Guillermo del Toro's summer tentpole set to arrive next year. Could they be priming us for a trailer debut in front of THE HOBBIT perhaps? Hmmm...

Where to even begin...

How about with the leaked memo (via Total Film) between the Great Britain Air Command and the Pan Pacific Defense Corps detailing the nomination of some pretty exceptional pilots to report for duty immediately in order to deal with this kaiju problem that is beyond regional at this point...?


From there, it only makes sense to get an idea as to what these Jaegers being referred to are, which gives Wired the opportunity to present schematics for building one of these massive robots, which seems to be the only way to even try combatting this threat to any level of success...



Now that we know what we're dealing with on both sides of the equation, it's probably best to establish some type of warning system in the event that a kaiju decides to surface. People are going to need some type of notification to know that evacuation isn't going to do them any good, because they're faced with imminent danger...


And right on cue... it's time for a kaiju attack, which seems like the sensical climax to what the day has been building to anyway.

We only get flashes of the monsters del Toro is playing with this time out, but the destruction is front and center on display, giving us at least a sense of the stakes for PACIFIC RIM.

I'd imagine the coming teaser will follow a similar tone in order to whet our appetities for destruction, but we may get a little more robot and a little more monster to grab our attention with authority this much in advance of July 12. 


-Billy Donnelly

"The Infamous Billy The Kidd"

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