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Masked Man is Back With His Top 10 List of Superman Villains!

Time for more comicbook fun! This time I go over the Top 10 Toughest Superman Villains! Because everyone just seems to like pointing out the most powerful ones but, big deal Mr. Mxyzptlk is more powerful than Superman! That's not what fans want, fans want slugfests! So here are the ten toughest villains Superman has faced! Guys (and girl) who can clean his clock! I'd ask Warner Bros to take note of this list too. Because then maybe we'll get a Superman movie that just doesn't recycle General Zod again (or his corpse- sheesh). Speaking of the movies, here's a bonus silly fact: Superman IV's Nuclear Man and #3 (on my list) have something odd in common: They both speak with Lex Luthor's voice! That cheesy trick is actually from the comics! Anyway, check out the list and be best sure to let me know if you think I missed somebody.



Masked Man

aka Tom Fremgen

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