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"LUCID" Trailer has McEric Dreaming Big


What Dreams May Come

Writer/Director Adam Morse is readying his first feature-length film for release next month at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

LUCID looks to follow an introverted young man (portrayed by Laurie Calvert, through a month-long stint of method acting) as he rationalizes his infatuation with a mysterious figure (Felicity Gilbert) by taking control of his dreams whenever she appears to him. The trailer gives us little to go on but I imagine that the lines of reality and fantasy blur, as they so often do in these situations, and he will most likely be forced to wrench these two realms together to regain his sanity.

The trailer shows a brilliant and confident use of color and framing to establish the tones of dreams, fantasy, and reality, while the costumes look to be extravagant and evocative, as well. But I must admit that the most alluring aspect of this film in my eyes is the return of Billy Zane.



I shit you not, I was telling some friends just a few scant weeks ago that our nation was hurting and I thought what it really needed was Billy Zane. What I didn’t know then was that an emerging English director would tap him from obscurity to play Josh Brolin. (Seriously, watch the preview with your eyes closed and you’ll hear Brolin. At first, I thought he was doing a Jeff Bridges impression but you’ll hear it; trust me.) That alone, to me, is worth the price of admission.

The real question when deciding to see LUCID is “What is it?” YouTube describes it as a thriller; other sites describe it as a Romantic Drama. The filmmaker/screenwriter, himself, has been quoted as saying it’s a message about mental health, and desperately needs to be heard. Whatever it may be, let’s hope for Morse that it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Until next time, see you at the movies!



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