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SNAKE EYES to get Solo Film at Paramount!!!

Hey Everybody Freddy Beans here,

With the 2nd best G.I. Joe news ever via an exclusive from HOLLYWOODREPORTER

Paramount Pictures are in talks with Evan Spiliotopoulos (writer of 2017’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST) to write the Snake Eyes script.

Snake Eyes is getting a stand alone movie!  This is awesome news if you really only cared about the ninjas in G.I. Joe like i did. Not that I didn’t enjoy the comics, figures, and then cartoon series, (Got to get tough. Yo Joe!) it’s just that deep down I was merely waiting for the good stuff.  AKA NINJAS!

I say 2nd best news we could have received because I’d prefer Storm Shadow for my first stand alone.  Snake Eyes is my number two though and I’m willing to bet most of the G. I. Joe enthusiasts prefer his arc.

I’m a firm believer it will be one helluva fun ride if they keep to the story set forth in the comics.  The short version goes something like this:

Snake Eyes and his war buddy Storm Shadow meet on their first tour in Vietnam.  Storm Shadow saves Snake Eyes life and they create a bond, so much so that Storm Shadow brings his new pal to Japan to learn the Arashikage ninja clan style fighting under his uncle The Hard Master and lesser known brother The Soft Master.  Snake Eyes is appointed heir to the Hard Master over Storm Shadow and their rivalry is born.  The Hard Master is murdered and Storm Shadow is blamed.  He’s not responsible though so he feels set up by Snake Eyes and they don’t’ mend these fences until what seems like decades later.

I believe it was Snake Eyes' first mission with G. I. Joe that a helicopter explosion permanently disfigures him and makes him essentially mute. 


There’s tons more to put in this film, the dood has a wolf companion (Timber) to boot a la the Starks.  Not really a pet, but there when you need him.  Like the Kool Aid man!?!?!  OH YEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!

He’s had a few apprentices I can remember Kamakura, Tiger Claw, Jinx, and Ophelia who was killed by another of my favorite characters Fire Fly.  And of course Snake Eyes was the winner of Scarlett’s heart though if memory serves he turns Runaway Bride on her at the altar and she decides that’s a good closing point for their relationship.  

Who else is excited about this?
I haven’t really cared for the first two G.I. JOE movies Paramount did.  They’re ok, but I wouldn’t watch them a 2nd time.  Yet here I am hoping they do the ninja story right and we not only get a legit ‘to talk about’ G.I. Joe movie but also a kick ass ninja movie.  There are never enough of those damnit!!

After this article i now feel like running up the hill to Tahoe and playing some craps.  Come on Snake Eyes!

Til next time Kids

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