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"Bill & Ted Face the Music" EXCLUSIVE Talk with Screenwriter Ed Solomon “How will George Carlin’s absence be dealt with?”

Hey folks, here with an exclusive from Ed Solomon, screenwriter of the BILL & TED films, regarding BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC. 
“How will George Carlin’s absence be dealt with?”
This was Ed's very satisfying reply-- beware, spoilers for BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC, obviously:

"George’s absence is significant to all of us. And he will be greatly missed. In fact, his absence is a big presence in the movie. There’s a scene - one of my favorite in Face the Music - where 50-year-old bill and Ted return to the Circle K and see their young selves (played by teen Alex and Keanu with footage from Excellent Adventure) from an earlier, more innocent time. And there is a moment where George looks at current, middle-aged them (ie, right at camera) and it’s quite emotional. Kelly (Carlin) - a dear friend of mine &  of Alex’s - has not just given her blessing, but is going to be reprising her role as a wise sage from the future (one of many “Easter Eggs”). We are not having another actor play Rufus. In this story, Rufus has passed on and his death has great significance to the guys. There is a different emissary - and it is a woman. 

Also in the story Bill and Ted have teenage daughters - Ted’s is named Billie and Bill’s is named Thea. They play significant roles in the story as well.”
Okay, sold. Ridiculously ready to see this film. 
-- Precious Roy
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