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Disney Spending BIG on Live-Action MULAN

Morning, geeks!

Back in 1998, MULAN was a great piece of animation to behold! Beautiful traditional animation, pioneering CG animation, and such an amazing soundtrack that it has all of the lyrics to “Make a Man Out of You” buried in our subconscious! (At least I’d imagine if you’re in your late 20s to early 30s.)


Be a man

We must be swift as a coursing river

Be a man

With all the force of a great typhoon

Be a man

With all the strength of a raging fire

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon!


So as I continue making my point, Disney put in a lot of money into the original animated version with great success in return. That success combined with the heavy anticipation, and the inadvertent free advertising RICK AND MORTY gave Mulan over fucking nugget sauce, it’s no surprise that Disney is dropping a whopping $290 million on the new live-action version! Not THE most expensive out there, but definitely up there with THE FORCE AWAKENS ($306 million), and JUSTICE LEAGUE ($300 million). AVATAR still sits at the top at $425 million.

What’s more exciting?! Pursue News reports that many of the folks who worked on the sets of THOR: RAGNAROK are said to be building the sets of the new MULAN!

With an actual war going on in the story, I think that the new MULAN is going to be the most epic princess movie we are going to see from Disney in a long time. Looking forward to the release, which is expected March 27th 2020!

~Big Eyes


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