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Big Eyes Has Infinite Feels about INFINITY WAR - Spoiler Free!

This review may be a bit short since I am intending on keeping it as spoiler free as possible! However I will make references to official news that has come out about future Marvel movies, and the trailers for INFINITY WAR.

Marvel has done it again, I just didn’t think it was possible for them to keep up this pace of just churning out one good movie after another--holy heck, you guys. I went into the theater with the thought in my mind that there were going to be too many characters fighting for screen time, and it was going to be too much action, resulting in just a boring mess. I was so, so wrong. This movie will make you feel things. I know the hype of BLACK PANTHER is just barely starting to die off, but I can say pretty easily that INFINITY WAR was the better movie. What I haven’t decided just yet, is if I think that it is better than CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. CIVIL WAR I held as the top Marvel film for a long time!

INFINITY WAR has heart, it has spirit. Interactions between characters were not only entertaining, but meaningful for both story and character development purposes. Even if you haven’t seen any of the other movies, you can still understand where the characters are coming from and what is going on. (Though seeing all previous Marvel movies tied into INFINITY WAR would certainly help!) Even the villain somehow becomes relateable and humanized. I found myself tearing up at some points in the movie, wow, it was good.

At times the writing is questionable, but hints were made toward where things were going, and the end was left mostly open ended, so it’s too soon to judge. I was left with enough to have faith that Part 2 will not disappoint!

If you’ve seen any of the trailers, you will know that The Guardians of the Galaxy are in the movie, I was the most excited to see them. Their quirky presence was mostly what I wanted it to be, but the writers tried maybe too hard to establish them as a bunch of imbeciles toward those they interact with. Still though, the results were worth it.

Nearly every scene had a purpose, and was delivered well.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed INFINITY WAR. You would think that Marvel Studios would be losing steam by now after all of these years and movies, but they just keep on trucking! Though I’m looking at some of the actors who have been playing heroes for the past ten years or so, and I think that after INFINITY WAR, a handful of them need to retire from the roles and pass on the mantle. This includes Don Cheadle, Robert Downey Jr, and maybe Mark Ruffalo. It’ll be sad to see any of them go at any point. I certainly didn’t want to hear that Hugh Jackman quit the Wolverine role after LOGAN, but some things just can’t last forever.

The post credits bit this time around didn’t really disclose any new information that you didn’t already know about superheroes coming up in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and if you’ve been keeping up with the geek news in superhero movies. Though, there is a surprise reveal toward what we will see in Part 2, and not only in another movie somewhere else!

~Big Eyes


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