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DEADPOOL and Cable Teaches Us That Friendship is Magic!

Afternoon, geeks.

I’ll just come out and say it, since writing to you is literally the first thing I am doing after viewing INFINITY WAR. I’ll work hard to get out my review of it the day of the release! Don’t get your jimmies rustled just yet, no spoilers are happening in this article! Anyways, check out this sweet new DEADPOOL 2 poster above!

Isn’t it just everything you could have asked for of Deadpool? No? Well, sorry to disappoint, so I guess you wouldn’t be the least interested in this 16 inch vibrating Deadpool HugMe Doll to go with that poster. I mean who really wants a Deadpool to “ride” a unicorn? I suppose we could turn this over to what this bit of merchandise means for the movie.

I don’t think the Deadpool riding a unicorn image is random piece of merch that they just decided to throw out there. It’s gotta be something spoken about in the movie, or heck, maybe Deadpool accidentally ends up tripping on some kind of psychoactive drug and has this experience. The latter sounds far more fun!

Super excited for DEADPOOL 2,  it comes out May 18th! The Deadpool available for pre-order a lot of places. I don’t really have a favorite toy website, so I’ll just tell you that you can find it easily by searching keywords “Deadpool HugMe”.

~Big Eyes


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