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ANON Trailer brings back fond STRANGE DAYS memories!

Hey folks, here's a trailer for ANON, written and directed by Andrew Niccol (GOOD KILL), and starring Clive Owen (CHILDREN OF MEN), Amanda Seyfried (MAMMA MIA), and Sonya Walger ("LOST").

ANON is set in a future world where privacy is extinct and crime is at all-time lows, thanks to a digital system that captures exactly what we see and uploads our memories for anyone to access. Anonymity is impossible, making homicide a very rare occurrence. As we discover in the trailer, Detective Sal Frieland (Owen) is investigating a rare homicide where the killer hacked their own vision over the vision of the murder victim, making it impossible for the victim to identify his killer. Frieland soon stumbles across a glitch of a woman (Seyfried), who does not have identifying tags of any kind and remains outside of their vital data cloud. As Sal investigates, he is hunted, as vulnerable as the murder victim.
This plot feels like a cool progression of the conclusion of STRANGE DAYS. Owen brings Sam Spade (or perhaps his partner, Archer) to mind as a seasoned detective in way over his head on the trail of a beautiful woman. 
ANON arrives in the U.S. Netflix May 4th, but is scheduled for release in UK theatres on May 11th. 
-- Precious Roy
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