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Morning geeks,

In case you missed it, there was an awesome RICK AND MORTY spoof that aired Cartoon Network, Sunday night. Last year, the troll Dan Harmon opted for a “reverse” April Fool’s prank by airing the first episode of Season 3 on April 1st. Some fans were disappointed that Harmon wasn’t as predictable as they thought when this episode of “RICK AND MORTY” aired.

Enjoy this strange Australian version of RICK AND MORTY "Bushworld Adventures"! The animation is fantastically entertaining, and maybe even a little more over the top than the actual RICK AND MORTY.

True fans of RICK AND MORTY who saw the horrific “pilot” of DOC AND MHARTI, will notice a nod to the original short.


Dan Harmon announced last month (perhaps drunkenly) on Twitter that the new season had not been officially ordered yet by Cartoon Network. This is likely due to how long it took for Season 3 to be completed.

I’d probably be hitting the bottle in Harmon’s situation, too. However, since the show has been so very successful, I can’t see any reason why the order for the new season won’t be happening any time soon.

~Big Eyes


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