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THE DEVIL & FATHER AMORTH trailer unveils Friedkin's latest! Only it is real this time!

Hey Everyone Freddy Beans here;

Bringing you a trailer for a documentary from William Friedkin called “The Devil and Father Amorth,” due out this April.

So, the guy who filmed the original “The Exorcist” has filmed a documentary on Gabriele Amorth’s ninth actual real life exorcism!?!?!

William Friedkin isn’t really known for his documentary films but he’s sure known for great filmmaking in my book.  This is the guy who directed “The French Connection, Sorcerer, To Live and Die in L.A., Rampage, The Guardian, Jade, Bug, Killer Joe and the original exorcist movie aptly named The Exorcist.”  I can’t even wait to see what he does with this thing.  I already  love how we're shown interviews with priests for religious viewpoints while also interviewing different perspectives for science via doctors/scientists. 

The idea here alone if filmed competently is something I’m already dying to share with others and I have no idea what happens from beginning to end.  The concept feels like something that could be a great conversation piece, maybe even creating great debate on the roles of science and religion in our society. 
All I can think of is why hasn’t this been done before?  An exorcism on video, it feels like this should have been done decades ago.  I’m a documentary hound.  I mean I could watch a documentary on paint drying and I’d probably end up immersed in it.  
If you ask any group of critics what the scariest movie ever created was “The Exorcist” always ends up right near the top.  It’s not even peeking at my top ten.  I find it all a bit hokey and laughable but I’m not religious and understand that if you do believe, in Christianity especially here, that exorcisms are the stuff of literal nightmares.  Me, I see a mentally unstable person who showcases this instability by projecting from their known source, in this example, religion.  

That’s just my opinion take it for what it’s worth.  In the end I dig almost all religious horror.  Maybe I’m nostalgic as I was raised Catholic before I went my own way.  There’s simply a depth to religious based ideas that just isn’t reached in most horror.  I usually giggle inside when the prerequisite demon voice (similar to Freddy Krueger’s vocal chords) speaks about their host and how much they are enjoying being blasphemous.  That said, I’m all about the wonders of the night and demons and exorcism go with that world just like PB & J!  
Am I the only one now dying to see this thing?
Til next time Kids

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