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Vince Gerardis is leaving Westeros to get his ass to MARS!

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Word came out that Vince Geradis, the co-executive producer of "Game of Thrones," is heading to SPIKE TV to oversee Kim Stanley Robinson's award-winning Mars Trilogy of novels. That 90's series is a tad dated right now since Elon Musk is most likely going to lead the evacuation of Earth from the inevitable idiota naranja.  

The first novel is about the initial effort to colonize Mars in RED MARS. In addition to the hardship of settling upon Mars, there's a revolution and difference of opinion about the way to handle Mars.

The second novel is called GREEN MARS and has to deal with the period when plants beginning transforming Mars.  Yes, there's more revolution.

The third novel is about the time you really want to go to Mars, it's called BLUE MARS and it handles a crippled Earth and a liberal paradise on Mars where its people are oppressed by being free of hunger, free of the crippling debt of healthcare and a noted lack of mass killings.

The fourth novel is simply THE MARTIANS and tells a series of short stories that take place throughout the multi-hundred-year story of Robinson's. I imagine they'll pepper throughout the show as well.  Robinson is over-seeing the series with Geradis


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