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"The Dangerous Book For Boys" Trailer

Hey folks, Precious Roy here with a trailer for THE DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS, a new Amazon show! Bryan Cranston (BREAKING BAD) developed and created the series with Greg Mottola (SUPERBAD and the director of some of the very best episodes of THE NEWSROOM) based on the book by Conn and Hal Iggulden, and starring Gabriel Bateman, Drew Powell, Kyan Zielinski, Erinn Hayes, Chris Diamantopoulos, and Swoosie Kurtz.
Based on the trailer, the series takes the function of the book (a boys how-to guide for growing into men) and builds a rather beautiful mythology around it: the McKenna boys, having tragically lost their father, have begun to devolve into dependency on computers, games, and the Internet. Their mother (Hayes) decides the time is right to share a book their father left for them-- the Iggulden's book on how to experience the best in boyhood.
Over time, their exposure to the book takes them on fantasy adventures that serve to prepare the McKenna boys to cope with real-life hardships, as the three brothers navigate through grief and the loss of their crucial father figure to show them how to be men.

This looks like it has a lot of heart without needing to descend into overwrought sentiment and weepiness every chance it gets. And Swoosie Kurtz looks absolutely great as their doting grandmother. 
THE DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS premieres on Amazon Prime March 30th.
-- Precious Roy
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