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VENOM is Coming!


Good afternoon, geeks.  The release of VENOM inches closer.  We just received this poster, reminding us that it is coming in October!  A NEW TRAILER DROPS TOMORROW!


Tom Hardy performed spectacularly to fans' delight in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, we know what he is capable of.  That's why it's so easy to get excited for the upcoming VENOM!  Woody Harrelson has also joined the cast, supposedly as a henchman?  That doesn't seem the norm for him from what I've known him in.   

We all remember the colossal trainwreck that was 2007's SPIDER-MAN 3, with a too late emo Spider-Man, and a very out of place Topher Grace as Eddie Brock/Venom.  I don't blame Topher Grace for his performance, I blame whoever cast him as Eddie Brock/Venom in the first place, that was a very poor decision on their part.  All Topher Grace knows how play is a socially awkward douchebag.  That's only half right.  

Will we also see other symbiotes, or Klyntar, like Carnage or Toxin?  We don't know much else about the plot or story aside from "A man develops super powers after becoming a host to an alien."  I mean, I've known that much about VENOM since the 90s Spider-Man TV series, long before I ever picked up a comic book.

I suppose I should also be asking if we will see Tom Holland as SPIDER-MAN.  After all, Brock only finds the symbiote because Peter Parker discarded.  Perhas they will cut right into the action when Parker realizes the symbiote isn't all that great for him and "passes it along" at the very beginning of the new film.

VENOM is estimated to release sometime in October.

-Big Eyes

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