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Trailer for ANNIHILATION, Attack of the Soap Bubble!


Greetings, geeks.  The upcoming film ANNIHILATION aims to frighten the pants off of us by exploiting one of mankind’s biggest fears: change!


Based off of Jeff VanderMeers’ best-selling Southern Reach Trilogy comes ANNIHILATION, starring Natalie Portman!

Surprisingly the writer and director of ANNIHILATION, Alex Garland, wasn’t credited by name in the trailer! He’s most recently known for EX MACHINA, 2014 wasn’t that long ago. Even though 28 DAYS LATER came out way back in 2002, still that was great movie!

IMDB describes this new movie as: “A biologist signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition where the laws of nature don't apply.” In the first split second of the trailer we see what looks like a meteor landing on Earth. I don't wanna say it’s aliens, but it’s aliens.


And now that you’ve seen the trailer, I’ll further theorize that aliens are playing with Earth’s genepool for experimentation, or shits and giggles. Either way, it’s scary to us! No one wants to become a Cronenberg creature.

Does anyone else get a new GHOSTBUSTERS vibe from the imagery?

It may sound like I’m talking a lot of shit about ANNIHILATION, but it actually looks like some scary fun! I’m sure to see this in theaters when it comes out on February 23rd! It’s a shame that it is not coming out earlier, I think it would make a fantastic Valentine’s Day movie!

~Big Eyes

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