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Out, out damn crushed fender! The MIDNIGHTERS trailer is a snakepit of tensions


Hey folks, Precious Roy here with a trailer for MIDNIGHTERS, a thriller directed by Julius Ramsay (THE WALKING DEAD, KRYPTON) and written by Alston Ramsay. This is Alston’s first film; interestingly enough, he used to be a speechwriter for Robert Gates and General David Petraeus. 

Lindsey and Jeff Pittman are driving home on back roads from a New Year’s Eve party when a distracted Jeff runs over a walking man. Rather than immediately call the police and sort the matter out, the Pittmans take the body home with them and cover up the crime. And from there, things begin to unravel. A cryptic clue is found. Lindsey’s sister gets involved. A detective shows up. And the Pittmans see the life they have built together fall into increasing jeopardy, as they work out how far into the darkness they’ll go to get their old lives back.


I’m really curious to see this film. The trail is incredibly tense, beautifully shot, and the performances look good. I’m not huge into thrillers-- the last one that appealed to me was 1993's MALICE-- but the Macbeth intrigue of it all has me hooked. MIDNIGHTERS stars Alex Essoe, Perla Haney-Jardine, Dylan McTee, Ward Horton, Andrew Rothenberg and Joseph Anderson. It opens in theaters (as well as On Demand) March 2nd, 2018.


Precious Roy


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