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Bill Skarsgård turns up like a bad penny in the CASTLE ROCK Super Bowl Spot!

Hey folks, Precious Roy here with the Super Bowl Spot for Hulu’s Stephen King series, CASTLE ROCK!

There’s nothing terrible overt and direct in this spot, unless you count Sissy Spacek’s confirmation of evil afoot. It’s all growing horror and suggestion at the moment: a standpipe, Shawshank, people gathered in animal masks, pinkish water in a sink, a bandaged-faced man, a lowering coffin. It’s tense and creepy, without a single jump-scare to spoil the mood.

While I am very curious about the Deavers, Alan Pangborn and Molly Strand, it’s the mysterious prisoner Bill Skarsgård plays that has me wondering what we’ll see in this story. And I can’t wait to see how much of the King pantheon they incorporate, in time. Will we come across the remains of Needful Things, someday?  Will nearby Jerusalem’s lot finally be reckoned with? Will André Linoge return to Maine, and if so, will he continue to talk in really weird rhymes?

No confirmation yet on a date for CASTLE ROCK… just, ‘Summer’.


Precious Roy

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