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The 2nd RAMPAGE Trailer is here and lordy this looks terrific!

Hello Everyone Freddy Beans here;

                We have the 2nd trailer for “Rampage” today and it elaborates on the 1st one not very much at all.    What do you think?

                I don’t know, it looks like the big reveal is the mutant werewolf has wings.  Wings?!?!  I’m trying my best to be interested in this one.  But between you and I monster werewolves with wings, I’m just having a hard time.

                I used to play this game for hours on end in the arcade.  Having all three of the monsters on screen at the same time was a pretty good time in the mid 80’s.  It was a lot of fun on a solo adventure too.  Bashing in windows and eating the poor saps you find, while avoiding traps also behind the panes.   

                Then the game regaining popularity again in the late 90’s with “Rampage World Tour” on Nintendo 64.  I’m probably missing an incarnation, but that’s what I know.  Oh yeah, and I was a fan of the monster werewolf over the other two.  King Kong and Godzilla had already been done, I’d never seen a movie or read a book where a monster werewolf went to town, on the town.  I think I’d like to see that.  


                A werewolf with wings?   Not as much.   That said, I really like that poster!!

This one releases on 4/20 (hehe,) and stars Dwayne Johnson and Neegan (A.K.A.  Jeffredy Dean Morgan.)


Til the next time Kids


Freddy Beans


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