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DUNDEE. Really? …wait, REALLY?


Precious Roy here with a teaser for what is purporting to be DUNDEE, a sequel to the Paul Hogan films in which case the young city-raised son of Mick “Crocodile” Dundee (Paul Hogan) and reporter Sue Charlton (Linda Kozlowski) must travel to the outback and prove he has what it takes to live in the outback. The teaser is just Danny McBride… no sign of Mick Dundee here.

So... look... I have the softest spot in my heart for Danny McBride. The guy’s a living legend. He’s so good, especially on television and in vehicles that really get his brand of humor. He was the thing I was looking most forward to about ALIEN: COVENANT, and I'm an Alien superfan.

I saw Crocodile Dundee in a movie theater as a teenager and watched it over and over again on cable. I have fond memories of the first one, blocked the second one from memory, and I skipped the third one altogether.

I just look at this teaser… and thanks to a comment Wheels made earlier, I’m still holding out hope it’s some kind of parody for a Super Bowl promo, released just in time to get people talking about it… and then we see the commercial as a studio completely buckles and collapses under the weight of this terrible project. Cue website hosting company logo. Fade to black.

Truth be told, it’s not that unreasonable of an idea for a film: the son of Mick Dundee in the outback for the first time, having lived in the city all his life. McBride would be funny, and could definitely carry the franchise on, if the approach is considerate enough. I can only hope that Paul Hogan is part of the cast, still, even if it’s just him on a phone talking to Neville and asking him to watch out for his asshole son, or just showing up for two minutes at the end, ala Burt Reynolds in SMOKEY & THE BANDIT 3.

But that attempt at a kind of a Travis Bickle reading of the “That’s not a knife” line reads more like a parody than an actual attempt to engage with the original material. It feels less like a smart, reverent homage, and more like a “let’s piss on this and see if it looks funny stained yellow” kind of vibe. 

Hopefully, that’s just me being really off with it. Let me reiterate that I really hope this trailer was either a viral hoax or just an off-step towards what will one day be a great comedy that carries on the franchise instead of murdering it. I’m Precious Roy, and I’m off to drink heavily.

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