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PSYCHOKINESIS: South Korean regular-guy superhero! But will it be HEROES, CHRONICLE, or PUSH?

Precious Roy here with a trailer for a new South Korean movie, YEOM-LYEOK (PSYCHOKINESIS), which reminds me a bit of Stephen Chow films, in particular, SHAOLIN SOCCER. It’s written and directed by Sang-ho Yeon (TRAIN TO BUSAN), and it looks like a lot of fun!

The short trailer is entirely in Korean and it’s very hard to make out what’s going on, but some characters do emerge: the sad father with sudden agency, the troubled daughter struggling to keep out of harm’s way, the romantic complication, the fool wondering why this is happening to someone else, and the criminal element wanting to control the whole thing.

This trailer evokes all the things I liked about the first three episodes of the show HEROES: the sense of wonder and discovery, the corruptibility of powers, the right and moral path becoming harder and more defined as conflict develops… but, put simply, this just looks like fun, and less likely to fall apart in two hours. I hope it screens near me!

According to Asian Wiki, PSYCHOKINESIS releases on January 31st, 2018—no definite word yet on which markets that will be in, though, so keep a lookout!


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