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First International “AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR” was Dropped! Plus, Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan Tease Fans with Possible Hints in Autographs!


Heya geeks. Got the new “INFINITY WAR” trailer for you,  Marvel dropped it just last night. We’re only a few months away, and they are not going to let you forget about it! They will take all of their promotional content and shove it so far up your anus that it will spill out of your ears and nostrils! YAY!!! That was a joke, the exaggeration was the funny part.

Anyhoo, for some reason this first international trailer is narrated and subtitled  in the language of the Japanese! Take a look!


As an anime fan, I don’t think I can stop myself from saying “AHBENGAAHS INFEENEETY WOAH”. I feel a meme coming on. In Japanese, they don’t have some of the same letters or sounds as we do in English, like the letter V (which is often replaced with a B), and the words are broken up into characters that represent syllables rather than letters. Furthermore, those syllables don’t ever end with a consonant sound unless it’s an “n” or “m”. Hence, “war” is said like “wo”. Knowing all this, doesn’t make any English word written/said in Japanese sound any less funny. So… the more you know?

I digress, let’s talk about Avengers. It’s so great seeing all of these different heroes coming together for epic battles in these movies! Marvel freaking nailed it in “Captain America: Civil War”, everyone got the appropriate amount of screen time, and nothing felt too rushed. Hopefully they’ll be able to keep up this great steam they’ve built in their newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! DC has tried to match Marvel by finally bringing around “Justice League”, which unfortunately just didn’t do that well. While the character action and interactions were great, the film kinda just fell apart toward the end.

Speaking of character interactions, we get to see Thor meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy briefly in the trailer. I hope that this isn’t the only Guardians interaction! I want to see Iron Man meet with Rocket Racoon! Their clashing egos and intellect would make an astronomically sized war on their own. Hulk vs Drax! Black Widow vs Gamora? Nah. Groot vs...Hulk again?

Possible spoiler, or nothing: there has been some talk Captain America possibly becoming Nomad in “INFINITY WAR”. We see Steve Rogers in the trailer briefly looking bearded and dirty, since he’s been on the run. In the comics, Nomad is the identity Steve Rogers took on after becoming disillusioned with the government he was previously representing. Normally this wouldn’t be worth talking about, but Chris Evans recently did an autograph for a signed as “Cap” and “Nomad”, and then Sebastian Stan followed up the autograph with his own name, and then a note that said “I’m with Nomad”. Stan has also made a Nomad-themed doodle on a fan’s poster back in November.

This may be only the actors’ sense of humor, but it has fans shaken and speculating.

“INFINITY WAR” will be released in the US on May 4th, 2018. According to the trailer: Japan gets it first, being release April 27th. Any fans flying to Japan?

~Big Eyes

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