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“BLACK PANTHER” King of Avengers Trailer Plus Entourage TV Spot!


Greetings, geeks. We’ve got a couple of tasty new videos of “BLACK PANTHER”!

Our first video is like a three in in one trailer!


First of all: HOLY HECK, FOREST WHITAKER! Looking pretty cool! Second, it looks like one of the locations this movie is taking place in is South Korea, I wonder what will bring our hero there? Haven’t read the comics, maybe one of you geeks out there know something about that in the comics? But don’t post any spoilers! Not knowing much about Black Panther other than his role in “Captain America: Civil War” leaves this movie in so much mystery for me, and it’s great! I’m excited to learn more about the hero and Wakanda. I love the idea of advanced technology in a country on Earth that isn’t the United States, not that I’m anti-US, but it changes things up from what we’ve seen before more often than not in movies.

Onto that “Entourage” TV spot!


PANTHER GAUNTLETS! This one feels a bit different from the trailers we have seen before. We get to see a little bit more of the characters, their Wakandan clothing and armor, and drama. Those disk weapons the Wakandan warriors have are all pretty freaking cool! Just the costumes, the backgrounds, and everything visual is looking just PHENOMENAL!

The release date, February 16th is just a little late for Valentine’s Day. I see a lot of couples putting off celebrating for this flick! Valentine’s Day is on the 16th for the Marvel geeks now!

Thanks for reading!

~Big Eyes

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