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Heya geeks, animation geekette Big Eyes checking in… though I feel like I’m going to bring in my “animation neckbeard” for this article.

I was a huge fan of the original “Teen Titans” animated TV series back in the early 2000s! I made an effort to sit down and watch it every week when it aired. (Ah, what a different time for television.) I enjoyed the story and the humor it had, and I was introduced to heroes and villains that I may have never otherwise come across at that age. Growing up as an anime fan, it was funny that they had the Japanese pop idols Puffy Amiyumi sing the opening for it, along with the animation style they adapted to make the show look somewhat Japanese in nature. Admittedly, I was their target audience, even though I knew exactly what they were doing, I still enjoyed it… as a teenager. As an adult, the original animated “Teen Titans” holds strong, though sometimes is only tolerable.

I was thrilled to find out they were bringing the Titans back in animation. I expected a higher budget and a well-done version of what we had before,  what we ended up getting was  Cartoon Network decided that it was definitely worth it to further “weeb out” the Titans in “TEEN TITANS GO!”

Let me explain: when some shows do well in Japan, they take the characters off the original content and then put them all in a “chibi comedy” spin-off. Chibi, meaning “little” or “small” in Japanese, it is a small deformed version of a character where their limbs are shortened and heads are enlarged to look cute.

“TEEN TITANS GO!” It is cute, the animation is fun but cheap. There is not much of a story if one at all. It’s all cute silly shit with somewhat good humor. Even the writers of the show took the time to compare “GO!” with the original TV series in one episode pointing out at just how bad the new version is. Though honestly, I think “TEEN TITANS GO!” would be more enjoyable if it wasn’t riding the coattails of a better show.


Yet somehow, the “TEEN TITANS” are “GO(ing)! TO THE MOVIES” now. Let’s take a look at the new trailer!



So that Aquaman joke was alright, I didn’t care for the giant fart. If you’re just looking for something goofy to watch with superheroes in it, this is it. It seems to be the only thing DC has going for them right now, alongside “Justice League Action”, sadly. Though I do enjoy hearing the voice of Master Shake (Dana Snyder) coming out of Plastic Man’s mouth.

Thanks for reading!

~Big Eyes


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