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"Black Panther" IMAX see 26% more of the picture!

Hola Dannie aqui,

Received some great news from the folk's at IMAX in regards to Marvels next mega-hit "Black Panther" they announced a countdown to its February 6th release with tickets going on sale yesterday and the bad ass news that there will be scenes specially formatted for IMAX theatres! That means that director Ryan Coogler designed several sequences of the film to fill more of the screen at an expanded IMAX 1.9:1 aspect ratio, giving us geeks 26% more of the image! IMAX provided us with this picture and gif to illustrate the massive difference between standard versus IMAX!  


I for one will definitely be checking the "Black Panther" at the IMAX, I want, no need to see it in all its glory! Until then I will keep my nose to the geek grindstone!

Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies!

Dannie aka Pekosa Peligrosa


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