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Internet Urban Legend “SLENDER MAN” is Finally a Movie!


Good afternoon, geeks.

I’m constantly amazed with the world and how our culture evolves, for good or bad. The greatest internet urban legend has finally been made into a movie in “SLENDER MAN”! Slender Man is a mythological creature depicted as a human-like creature that is tall and thin, wearing a suit and tie with no face. Slender Man originated in old “creepypasta”. “Creepypasta” is written horror stories that are copy and pasted in forums on the internet to scare readers. The word “creepypasta” is derived from “copypasta”, which was slang for “copy paste”. That’s meme evolution for you.

Slender Man made its way into the real world news a few years back, when a couple of preteens tried to kill their friend in the name of Slender Man to prove themselves to it. They lured her into the woods and then stabbed her 19 times. Luckily a passing by cyclist found the girl alive, and her attempted murderers were arrested. Spooky, and real!

There was also a viral Slender Man game that many “Let’s Players” on YouTube shared themselves playing.

The blurb on IMDB describes “SLENDER MAN” as “Terror strikes when unsuspecting victims cross paths with a tall, thin, horrifying figure known as the Slender Man.”


Let’s take a look at the trailer, shall we?


Er… Well... This trailer doesn’t make the movie seem very scary. Unless you’re scared by a trailer trying way too hard to be edgy. Hopefully the next trailer that comes out will be better.

“SLENDER MAN” comes out later this year on May 18th, 2018!

~Big Eyes

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