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“BRIGHT 2” Confirmed! Orc Audition video too!



Heya geeks. After the very recent release of “Bright”, the results came in and the audiences actually liked it! It scored low on Rotten Tomatoes with the critics, but currently holds a pretty good score at 88% with the audiences!

It was a weird concept that I saw even the talkbackers here on AICN were unsure if they wanted it. Though some of you were adamantly against it ever coming into existence, not surprisingly. Oh, you guys. Anyways, it was a story about a cop (Will Smith) that was reluctantly paired up with an orc officer, due to whose incompetence, Smith’s character got shot by another orc and deals with PTSD from it. There was a lot of social commentary about racism and current events in “Bright”. “Fairy lives don’t matter today”, Smith’s character said, right before he crushed a fairy with a broom.

Personally, I did enjoy the first “Bright”, yet I am still surprised it is already confirmed for a sequel. “Eh, why not”--Which is was probably most people’s attitude about it since they didn’t have to do the work of going to a movie theater to see it, which perhaps lead to the film’s success. It’s very interesting how Netflix is changing the way we go about seeing movies… though I really hope this does not lead to the downfall of the movie theater any time soon!

Check out the amusing orc audition video released on YouTube earlier today.

That Shadowrun namedrop, though. I love how the darkest depths of geekiness are becoming mainstream. Of course that has been happening for years now, but this is a new level that has been reached, I think.

“BRIGHT 2” remains unnamed and has no set release date just yet.

~Big Eyes

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