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Production Designer on Board for Live-Action AKIRA Flick

Those anime live-action adaptations just keep on coming. After “Pacific Rim” that was supposed to be our “Evangelion”, Hollywood tried again with “Ghost in the Shell”. People still weren’t quite that satisfied with it, but both movies had a great enough turn out to keep up this endeavor. Last month a trailer dropped for “Alita: Battle Angel”, which is the adaptation title for “Battle Angel: Alita”, and it is looking to be the most faithful anime to live-action adaptation yet! (I seriously can’t wait for that one!) It was only a matter of time before Hollywood set their eyes on the legendary manga and anime: “AKIRA”.


This isn’t the first time “AKIRA”  has been in the works for a live-action movie adaptation, but it’s  looking more serious this time around! Production members are being announced!


Martin Whist has been put in the position of Production Manager for the film. He is known for his work in “Cloverfield,” “Cabin in the Woods”, “Warm Bodies”, and “Robocop”. We will soon see his newer work in the upcoming “The Predator” film.


Taika Waititi (“Thor: Ragnarok”) has confirmed that he has participated in talks with WB to direct, but is not officially part of the project just yet.


Are you guys looking forward to a live-action “AKIRA”? If they draw more from the manga than the anime, I’m down. While some epic stuff went on in that movie, it got pretty slow and boring at some points for me personally. 


~Big Eyes

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